7 Tips to Wearing High Heels with Comfort and Style


Every woman loves her shoes especially her high heels! She may be tall or short; high heels are not just made for the purpose to increase the length of shorter women. They add grace, oomph, and style to any outfit and are usually a must accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Some may choose safe and comfortable 3-inch heels and some go all out with a towering 5 inch pair of heels!

However, there is no doubt that high heels cause undue stress on your entire body, joints, and alignment. They not only hurt your feet but your entire body posture is affected with heels. Lucky for you, we have some do’s and don’ts to make high heels healthy as well as comfortable for you; well as comfortable as they can get!


 1. Chunkier heels


There is no doubt that higher and thinner heels are more uncomfortable as well as unhealthy. Hence, choose platforms and wedges which come in many heel sizes now. A platform can give you a bigger heel as well as distribute the surface area so the stress is not entirely on the balls of your heels.




2. Safer size


5 inch heels look great and bring a lot of oomph to your evening gowns. To keep your style statement up, make a comfortable choice and choose the size that fits best on your feet. Tighter or loose fits can only ruin the case. A good fit would not only boost your posture, walk, and style but also keep your confident even if you have to wear it for a longer span. Also, make sure your feet can comfortably move in your heels –you surely won’t want to end up with “your feet are strapped on boards” feeling.


 3. Shoe Plans for everyday


It is hard to avoid heels but you can plan smartly. Choose your tallest heels when you have a short trip out. For longer journeys, choose platforms or something comfortable and less prone to causing damage to your joints.




 4. Leather soles


Leather is hands down the best material for shoes. It allows your feet to move inside. Hence, if you really like a 5 inch heels which you simply need to buy; make sure the inserts are leather otherwise be prepared to limp and groan in misery a few hours after wearing them.



 5. Learn the “walk” of heels


Yes! you read correctly, there is a different walk which has to be adopted for heels as compared to sneakers.  You need to use your core muscles and use your hips and legs to push you forward. The walk will be more like a bounce and works wonders in reducing feet pain due to prolonged wear of heels.




6. Bring in some Tape


This tip is probably the best one as yet and least known. If you must wear high heels, then tape your third and fourth feet fingers together. There is a nerve in those toes which adds to foot pain and taping them together will reduce it.



7. Break them in

Breaking in your high heels is a big must whether you are buying 5 inch heels or 3-inch ones! To get comfy in your high heels, purchase a DIY shoe stretcher or give it to a nearby cobbler. Stretch out the heels and wear it around the house for a few hours. After breaking into the heels for a certain time period, you will feel a lot less pain when you wear them on your big day.

High heels are the passion of every woman out there. With these super useful tips, you can surely keep on loving your heels for longer. Try them out and see the great results yourself.

Wearing 5 Inch Heels

Stylish footwear has always been an important accessory to women’s fashion wear. From flats to high heeled shoes, these trendy wardrobe essentials can help in providing a unique yet elegant look to their personality wherever they go. There are various fashionable shoes available nowadays to suit any kind of event, be it formal or casual. Out of this humongous range, wearing heels is the most preferred and in style option chosen by women. They simply adore wearing heels at school, office or various other places. This has made shoes with heels among the most wanted shoes styles around and thereby increasing their demand tenfold.Why Women Like Wearing Heels.wearing-5-inch-heels

Women prefer wearing heels over other shoe types due to its functional properties. High heeled shoes come in different types of styles, colors, sizes and patterns. They can be worn to almost any sort of an event with the look of utmost elegance and beauty. The enhanced heel size helps in giving a person taller look and a better overall visibility in a crowd. Shoes with 5 inch heels or more are especially useful for ladies who are a bit shorter in height. These stylish heels not only help in enhancing a lady’s confidence but also in improving their figure.

Another great thing about wearing heels is that it gives the body a slim and toned look which comes quite handy when making a bold or prominent appearance. They can be paired up with different dress types and can help in enhancing the complete makeover. As a matter of fact wearing heels with jeans is quite common at non-formal social events.

The beauty of wearing heels is that they can add up to a woman’s height and provide a more charming personality. Many women suffer through low self confidence due to short height which can be corrected by wearing high heeled shoes. The extended height factor goes a long way in boosting their self esteem. Moreover, wearing these kinds of shoes can make a lady appear slim and beautiful along with enriched confidence. Men also prefer this type of look in women.What To Avoid In Wearing Heels

On the cautious side, one should avoid wearing heels while pregnant in order to avoid any tripping instances that may stem due to weight imbalance. Also, wearing heels for prolong period can cause backaches and muscle sore whi

High Heel Pumps

Women and their fetish with footwear are fairly old. Women love heels even more. But heels can be of various kinds. High heeled footwear can be stiletto, high heel pumps, block or tapered, wedge or blade. Heels may have various heights ranging from 2.5 inches to over 5 inches. High fashion sites online have categorized heels of 2.5 – 3.5 as low heels, 3.5 – 5 as middle heels, 3.5 – 5 inch heels as high heels and over 5 inch heels as extremely high heels.High heel pumps are different from high heel stilettos as it has a platform like front. High heel pumps are better than high heel stilettos as wearing it does not lead to various problems that normally leads to wearing high heel stilettos. Wearing heels can cause foot pain, increases sprains as well as fractures, makes calves muscles for rigid, can deform feet. It can also cause serious problems like hammertoes as well as bunions which can lead to a not so steady gait, it can force the wearer to walk in short strides and finally it can cause women to have serious joint pain in their knees as heels prevent the feet from rotating which causes the knee to rotate more causing pains.


High heel pumps hence come in handy as it spreads the weight of the body much more evenly which reduces medical complications. So if you hate stilettos and still want that added height advantage, high heel pumps are your best bet. High heel pumps may have a wide range of prices. It may be expensive while cheap high heel pumps may also be available. High heel pumps are used by women as it makes look taller, makes their legs look longer, makes their feet and toes shorter, accentuates their calves and makes arches of woman’s feet higher hence better defined. High heel pumps again come in various colors, but the most popular and most purchased high heel pumps are the black high heel pumps.Here are some tips in wearing high heel pumps in terms of wearing them with clothes:high-heels-black-white

Wearing classic high heel pumps along with long skirts are fashionable. Even slide on may look good with it.

High heel pumps of around 2.5 – 3.5 inches would look perfect with a skirt for a professional look. A rounded toe and a bit tapered heel would be best for work.

High heel pumps never go well with jeans. Slide on or boots are preferable for that.

But high heels would go perfect with a dressy skirt which just about covers the knees. It is to be made sure that they have Sabrina heels.

Overall, high heel pumps are the best alternative to high heeled stilettos. One can practice on these before proceeding to the ultimate footwear challenge for the ladies. With numerous varieties available out there today, you can be sure to find one that is suitable for your taste and style in no time.