High Heel Pumps

Women and their fetish with footwear are fairly old. Women love heels even more. But heels can be of various kinds. High heeled footwear can be stiletto, high heel pumps, block or tapered, wedge or blade. Heels may have various heights ranging from 2.5 inches to over 5 inches. High fashion sites online have categorized heels of 2.5 – 3.5 as low heels, 3.5 – 5 as middle heels, 3.5 – 5 inch heels as high heels and over 5 inch heels as extremely high heels.High heel pumps are different from high heel stilettos as it has a platform like front. High heel pumps are better than high heel stilettos as wearing it does not lead to various problems that normally leads to wearing high heel stilettos. Wearing heels can cause foot pain, increases sprains as well as fractures, makes calves muscles for rigid, can deform feet. It can also cause serious problems like hammertoes as well as bunions which can lead to a not so steady gait, it can force the wearer to walk in short strides and finally it can cause women to have serious joint pain in their knees as heels prevent the feet from rotating which causes the knee to rotate more causing pains.


High heel pumps hence come in handy as it spreads the weight of the body much more evenly which reduces medical complications. So if you hate stilettos and still want that added height advantage, high heel pumps are your best bet. High heel pumps may have a wide range of prices. It may be expensive while cheap high heel pumps may also be available. High heel pumps are used by women as it makes look taller, makes their legs look longer, makes their feet and toes shorter, accentuates their calves and makes arches of woman’s feet higher hence better defined. High heel pumps again come in various colors, but the most popular and most purchased high heel pumps are the black high heel pumps.Here are some tips in wearing high heel pumps in terms of wearing them with clothes:high-heels-black-white

Wearing classic high heel pumps along with long skirts are fashionable. Even slide on may look good with it.

High heel pumps of around 2.5 – 3.5 inches would look perfect with a skirt for a professional look. A rounded toe and a bit tapered heel would be best for work.

High heel pumps never go well with jeans. Slide on or boots are preferable for that.

But high heels would go perfect with a dressy skirt which just about covers the knees. It is to be made sure that they have Sabrina heels.

Overall, high heel pumps are the best alternative to high heeled stilettos. One can practice on these before proceeding to the ultimate footwear challenge for the ladies. With numerous varieties available out there today, you can be sure to find one that is suitable for your taste and style in no time.

Facts About 5 Inch Heels

If you are really short  in  height and want to look taller, try wearing 5 inch heels.  These kind of heels speaks volumes for feminine beauty and dignity and even enhances the gait and walking style. However one needs to make sure how comfortable you are walking with 5 inch heels. So choose the kind of heels accordingly depending upon the latest fad on the market and your body structure. These shoes have various innovative designs including an open and shut kind of heels. You can go for a trail walk before buying these high heeled shoes so that you know whether you are able to move comfortably or not.

Your footwear speaks a lot about your personality so 5 inch heels  have  a major part in making you look taller if you happen to be a little short but make sure it doesn’t make you look or feel at ease! You can also add the heel to a convenient height if you don’t want to look so tall or walk comfortably. There are trial options always available for buying these kinds of shoes so don’t run out and buy the first thing that you see. The people who manufacture the footwear opine that it is best to blend the 5 inch heels according to the height of the person and her body structure. No doubt heels can make you look stylish and elegant but that should not be done at the cost of putting someone in an uncomfortable position.

5 Inch Heel

If you check the online shopping stores or the internet websites you will amass a wealth of treasure about the 5 inch heels shoes. Many of the college going youngsters or even the middle aged women’s sport these high heeled shoes to look younger and stylish.  However make sure that these high heeled shoes are not detrimental to your foot health as a proper toe box and adequate leg space are equally important.

More On 5 Inch Heels

The 5 inch heel shoes are available in a number of renowned brands throughout the length and breadth of the world. You can update yourself by reading the online reviews and posts written by the consumers for the 5 inch heels shopping expedition on the internet. Knowing about the different brands and the pros and cons of each would enable you to decide. The shoe color and make also play a vital role in this aspect.

A Conclusion On 5 Inch Heels

The heels are measured according to the hues also at the height tends to look more or less accordingly. The foot should fit in comfortably and walking should not be a problem. It is very important to the wearer not to compromise on her comfort rather than just going for style. If you feel your foot tends to hurt during the trial walk it is better to go for the next convenient size. So buy your favorite 5 inch heels and be the style diva of the season!