5 inch heels posture

The love of shoes, more specifically high heels, is undeniable amongst a wide range of people. Whether you want to accentuate your height or it is just the right shoe for the occasion, high heels are a widely cherished and well-known staple to any fashionista’s closet.

A trend that is quickly rising to the top of the fashion industry is 5 inch heels. In recent years, they have skyrocketed in popularity on the runway. Eventually, 5 inch heels made their way to the streets and now you cannot walk through a mall or down a city street without seeing several pairs in all shapes and sizes.

5 Inch Heel Essentials
There are several different kinds of 5 inch heels out there. A popular style for looking chic at the office are 5 inch heels no platform. By adding a few inches under the toe of the shoe, a platform decreases the steep angle at which the foot and ankle are bent. This is supposed to reduce strain and injury. However, if you work at an office and must have high heels in your work attire collection, it would be wise to choose 5 inch heels no platform as they look more professional. Heels that have a platform, especially taller heels, work better as evening wear. Depending on office dress code, this might be looked at as inappropriate or unprofessional.

A variety of discount shoe outlets offer cheap heels if you want the height and contouring that a black high heels provides but have a limited budget. Now that heels have become a major fashion trend, more shoe stores and outlets are picking them up, hoping to draw in customers who follow high-fashion. This means there is probably an option for finding cheap 5 inch heels in closer proximity to your home or office than you realize.

While the fashion savvy might know the specifics to wearing high heels, not everyone knows how to safely wear 5


Important to keep your posture when wearing high heels

inch heels. Here are a few specific tips to follow when learning how to walk in 5 inch heels.Tips In Wearing high heels posture is important—no matter how cute those shoes are, if you do not maintain good posture while wearing them, you might take an embarrassing tumble. Do not lock your knees—this might cause your legs to buckle resulting in falls and injuries. Keep your shoulders back—this helps you to balance your body on the heel of your foot and provides greater stability. Know the terrain—never wear high heels to events where you expect unstable ground or unpaved paths. You don’t want to be making 5-inch deep holes in the ground with your footwear nor walking oddly due to the tough terrain.

For most people, the benefits of wearing heels are apparent; for others they not be appealing. Those who enjoy heels claim that wearing them will improve your posture and create a slimming look. With all of the choices for attractive and affordable 5 inch heels, finding your perfect match to order to begin your tall adventures could not be easier.

Black 5 Inch High Heels

Black High Heels | 5 Inch Heels
A woman’s best friend is clothes and accessories. What could be more appropriate than a pair of sexy, black high heels? Be it a social do or a formal get together or even an awards ceremony these black high heels will always remain a woman’s best friend. Black high heels can be of various types thus are a normal addition to any modern woman’s wardrobe. Starting from designer labels like Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Miss Sixty to cheap black high heels, they all give the same classy elegance. Whether you bought them from the flea markets of Bangkok or from the street side shops in Paris, black high heels range from a myriad of variety and prices all across the world.

Nowadays, these black high heels have become so popular even among the teenage girls that there are imitations of these black high heels in the form of cute black high heels. These look exactly like the actual black high heels except the fact that they are meant for teenagers and hence easy on the pocket. Those wanting more stylized versions of the ubiquitous black high heels can always go for the strappy black high heels or can opt for the 5 inch heels.Now many women get confused as to what clothes to wear with their black high heels. Here are a few tips which might come in handy just in case they don’t want to be labeled as fashion faux pas.

5 Inch Heels matching your clothes

For those office going women its good to remember that black high heels go great with any length of skirts. Moreover they help to accentuate the leg line despite the fact that the woman is not wearing a stiletto.5-inch-high-heels-diamonds

Try not to choose a black high heel that has too many sparkles and buckles especially if you are going to the office.

Black 5 inch high heels look great with slacks especially those which are close-fitted at the thigh and flared at the knees. A high waist skirt looks best when teamed with a pair of black high heels.

If the shoes come up to the calf then it is best to wear a long sleeved top along with it. Moreover you can also add a scarf to accessorize your ensemble outfit. Not only does it help to protect you from the cold winter months but it also helps to add a splash of color.

Thigh high boots are very versatile and can be paired with jeans, skirts as well as shorts. Moreover if you are going out for a party you can buy black high heels with bells and whistles to draw attention of other men and jealousy and envious glances from other girls.

The high heeled shoes also look good with skinny jeans.
Another way to look fetching in black high heels is to wear them with funky or fashionable tights under skirts. Fishnet stockings are commonly used as well.

Black high heels have already proven itself to be a normal fashionable item for women today. Check some out on Etsy black high heels If you’re still missing out the class and elegance of wearing one, then you’re missing a huge part of your fashionable self. Try one today and know what the fuss is all about.

Pulling off 5 inch heels


When it comes to pulling off the chick look which makes all heads turn, 5 inch heels is beyond doubt one of the most necessary ingredient of the outfit. The modern day world gauges people by the kind of impression they leave and clothes one wears has a lot of effect on the impression one leaves behind. While a well groomed and a well dressed person comes forth as a self aware, in control and confident entity, a person who is comparatively carefree about his or her appearance usually comes forth as negligent and careless. Given the way the modern world looks at people, it is imperative that each professional puts in the required amount of effort into the job of dressing up.

Footwear designs

There are a few dresses which are complete without the correct kind of footwear. In order to be able to bring out the best in a dress, there is a requirement to team it up with the correct kind of accessories and in the numerous accessories, the correct form of footwear is the single most important thing which needs attention. The beauty of a flowing cocktail dress is incomplete without a 5 inch heel and the same is true for most dresses in vogue. In order to be able to comprehend the kind of footwear required with a particular dress, one needs to form a mental image of the dress with number of footwear options and thereafter decide on the most suited one. Once the decision has been made, the person needs to procure the footwear and store it in a condition so as to preserve the get up and the look of the shoe.

5 Inch Heels

Heels: the way to dress

Since a long time, the fairer sex has been accentuating form and figure with the intelligent use of heels. Not only does this design add to the height of a person, the overall figure and form gets a well sought after boost and the look of any apparel is highlighted with heels. 5 inch heels in particular have these effects on all dresses. While there is a price to pay in terms of the discomfort and balancing act required at times, the overall ordeals has outweighed the benefits of this design in relation to the drawbacks in a clear sweep. The 5 inch high heels have indeed become quite a craze in the modern day fashion world and nearly each fashion cautious wardrobe has a fair supply of these.


What pleases the eye and makes a person feel good about oneself is what the modern day fashion feasts on. Numerous designs of footwear have been in vogue since a long time but the heel is something which has never left the fort. In order to get the exquisite posh and elegant look which invariably turns heads towards the wearer, 5 inch heels have now become a well known footwear design to be teamed up with numerous dresses and uniforms.