Wearing 5 Inch Heels

Stylish footwear has always been an important accessory to women’s fashion wear. From flats to high heeled shoes, these trendy wardrobe essentials can help in providing a unique yet elegant look to their personality wherever they go. There are various fashionable shoes available nowadays to suit any kind of event, be it formal or casual. Out of this humongous range, wearing heels is the most preferred and in style option chosen by women. They simply adore wearing heels at school, office or various other places. This has made shoes with heels among the most wanted shoes styles around and thereby increasing their demand tenfold.Why Women Like Wearing Heels.wearing-5-inch-heels

Women prefer wearing heels over other shoe types due to its functional properties. High heeled shoes come in different types of styles, colors, sizes and patterns. They can be worn to almost any sort of an event with the look of utmost elegance and beauty. The enhanced heel size helps in giving a person taller look and a better overall visibility in a crowd. Shoes with 5 inch heels or more are especially useful for ladies who are a bit shorter in height. These stylish heels not only help in enhancing a lady’s confidence but also in improving their figure.

Another great thing about wearing heels is that it gives the body a slim and toned look which comes quite handy when making a bold or prominent appearance. They can be paired up with different dress types and can help in enhancing the complete makeover. As a matter of fact wearing heels with jeans is quite common at non-formal social events.

The beauty of wearing heels is that they can add up to a woman’s height and provide a more charming personality. Many women suffer through low self confidence due to short height which can be corrected by wearing high heeled shoes. The extended height factor goes a long way in boosting their self esteem. Moreover, wearing these kinds of shoes can make a lady appear slim and beautiful along with enriched confidence. Men also prefer this type of look in women.What To Avoid In Wearing Heels

On the cautious side, one should avoid wearing heels while pregnant in order to avoid any tripping instances that may stem due to weight imbalance. Also, wearing heels for prolong period can cause backaches and muscle sore whi

Pulling off 5 inch heels


When it comes to pulling off the chick look which makes all heads turn, 5 inch heels is beyond doubt one of the most necessary ingredient of the outfit. The modern day world gauges people by the kind of impression they leave and clothes one wears has a lot of effect on the impression one leaves behind. While a well groomed and a well dressed person comes forth as a self aware, in control and confident entity, a person who is comparatively carefree about his or her appearance usually comes forth as negligent and careless. Given the way the modern world looks at people, it is imperative that each professional puts in the required amount of effort into the job of dressing up.

Footwear designs

There are a few dresses which are complete without the correct kind of footwear. In order to be able to bring out the best in a dress, there is a requirement to team it up with the correct kind of accessories and in the numerous accessories, the correct form of footwear is the single most important thing which needs attention. The beauty of a flowing cocktail dress is incomplete without a 5 inch heel and the same is true for most dresses in vogue. In order to be able to comprehend the kind of footwear required with a particular dress, one needs to form a mental image of the dress with number of footwear options and thereafter decide on the most suited one. Once the decision has been made, the person needs to procure the footwear and store it in a condition so as to preserve the get up and the look of the shoe.

5 Inch Heels

Heels: the way to dress

Since a long time, the fairer sex has been accentuating form and figure with the intelligent use of heels. Not only does this design add to the height of a person, the overall figure and form gets a well sought after boost and the look of any apparel is highlighted with heels. 5 inch heels in particular have these effects on all dresses. While there is a price to pay in terms of the discomfort and balancing act required at times, the overall ordeals has outweighed the benefits of this design in relation to the drawbacks in a clear sweep. The 5 inch high heels have indeed become quite a craze in the modern day fashion world and nearly each fashion cautious wardrobe has a fair supply of these.


What pleases the eye and makes a person feel good about oneself is what the modern day fashion feasts on. Numerous designs of footwear have been in vogue since a long time but the heel is something which has never left the fort. In order to get the exquisite posh and elegant look which invariably turns heads towards the wearer, 5 inch heels have now become a well known footwear design to be teamed up with numerous dresses and uniforms.

Facts About 5 Inch Heels

If you are really short  in  height and want to look taller, try wearing 5 inch heels.  These kind of heels speaks volumes for feminine beauty and dignity and even enhances the gait and walking style. However one needs to make sure how comfortable you are walking with 5 inch heels. So choose the kind of heels accordingly depending upon the latest fad on the market and your body structure. These shoes have various innovative designs including an open and shut kind of heels. You can go for a trail walk before buying these high heeled shoes so that you know whether you are able to move comfortably or not.

Your footwear speaks a lot about your personality so 5 inch heels  have  a major part in making you look taller if you happen to be a little short but make sure it doesn’t make you look or feel at ease! You can also add the heel to a convenient height if you don’t want to look so tall or walk comfortably. There are trial options always available for buying these kinds of shoes so don’t run out and buy the first thing that you see. The people who manufacture the footwear opine that it is best to blend the 5 inch heels according to the height of the person and her body structure. No doubt heels can make you look stylish and elegant but that should not be done at the cost of putting someone in an uncomfortable position.

5 Inch Heel

If you check the online shopping stores or the internet websites you will amass a wealth of treasure about the 5 inch heels shoes. Many of the college going youngsters or even the middle aged women’s sport these high heeled shoes to look younger and stylish.  However make sure that these high heeled shoes are not detrimental to your foot health as a proper toe box and adequate leg space are equally important.

More On 5 Inch Heels

The 5 inch heel shoes are available in a number of renowned brands throughout the length and breadth of the world. You can update yourself by reading the online reviews and posts written by the consumers for the 5 inch heels shopping expedition on the internet. Knowing about the different brands and the pros and cons of each would enable you to decide. The shoe color and make also play a vital role in this aspect.

A Conclusion On 5 Inch Heels

The heels are measured according to the hues also at the height tends to look more or less accordingly. The foot should fit in comfortably and walking should not be a problem. It is very important to the wearer not to compromise on her comfort rather than just going for style. If you feel your foot tends to hurt during the trial walk it is better to go for the next convenient size. So buy your favorite 5 inch heels and be the style diva of the season!