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The love of shoes, more specifically high heels, is undeniable amongst a wide range of people. Whether you want to accentuate your height or it is just the right shoe for the occasion, high heels are a widely cherished and well-known staple to any fashionista’s closet.

A trend that is quickly rising to the top of the fashion industry is 5 inch heels. In recent years, they have skyrocketed in popularity on the runway. Eventually, 5 inch heels made their way to the streets and now you cannot walk through a mall or down a city street without seeing several pairs in all shapes and sizes.

5 Inch Heel Essentials
There are several different kinds of 5 inch heels out there. A popular style for looking chic at the office are 5 inch heels no platform. By adding a few inches under the toe of the shoe, a platform decreases the steep angle at which the foot and ankle are bent. This is supposed to reduce strain and injury. However, if you work at an office and must have high heels in your work attire collection, it would be wise to choose 5 inch heels no platform as they look more professional. Heels that have a platform, especially taller heels, work better as evening wear. Depending on office dress code, this might be looked at as inappropriate or unprofessional.

A variety of discount shoe outlets offer cheap heels if you want the height and contouring that a black high heels provides but have a limited budget. Now that heels have become a major fashion trend, more shoe stores and outlets are picking them up, hoping to draw in customers who follow high-fashion. This means there is probably an option for finding cheap 5 inch heels in closer proximity to your home or office than you realize.

While the fashion savvy might know the specifics to wearing high heels, not everyone knows how to safely wear 5

Important to keep your posture when wearing high heels

inch heels. Here are a few specific tips to follow when learning how to walk in 5 inch heels.Tips In Wearing high heels posture is important—no matter how cute those shoes are, if you do not maintain good posture while wearing them, you might take an embarrassing tumble.

  • Do not lock your knees—this might cause your legs to buckle resulting in falls and injuries.
  • Keep your shoulders back—this helps you to balance your body on the heel of your foot and provides greater stability.
  • Know the terrain—never wear high heels to events where you expect unstable ground or unpaved paths. You don’t want to be making 5-inch deep holes in the ground with your footwear nor walking oddly due to the tough terrain.
How High Heels Hurt Your Body

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For most people, the benefits of wearing heels are apparent; for others they not be appealing. Those who enjoy heels claim that wearing them will improve your posture and create a slimming look. With all of the choices for attractive and affordable 5 inch heels, finding your perfect match to order to begin your tall adventures could not be easier.

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